Wish iOS App Social Media Ad - Portfolio Retrospective

In the coming weeks ending the year, we'd like to do a "Portfolio Retrospective" where we feature some of our favorite projects from over the past 15 years (!) of creating video content.

The Back Story: The Wish app developers approached us to create an iOS App Demo Video for advertising on social media and in the app store. The developers knew how important an App Store Preview Video was to their success.

The Workflow: We created a simple video using a 3D iOS device and screen captures showing off the interface of the Wish app. The female voiceover talent was auditioned and chosen by the client.

The Result: . . . a clean, simple ad for the Wish app. The most surprising part about the final project is that the YouTube video has over 11 million views and counting. *** Learn more about our App Demo Video process, pricing, and benefits.

And stay tuned to this Portfolio Retrospective series in the coming weeks to see more great examples from our past!