TreatAnyone Software Tutorial and Onboarding Video

HiLo Media created this software tutorial video for TreatAnyone. This series of animated, screencast instructional videos helps this software company with the onboarding process for new customers. 

We created a clean, friendly style with motion graphics, music, and VO that complements the marketing video we created for them. 

The Benefits of Onboarding Videos

Onboarding videos can provide customers with a more efficient, informative, and enjoyable experience when learning how to use a software product.

These videos allow customers to learn how to use the software in a guided, step-by-step manner that is tailored to their individual needs.

By providing visual explanations alongside written instructions, customers can gain insights into the features and benefits of the product quickly and effectively.

Additionally, videos offer an engaging experience that helps users retain the knowledge they’ve gained.

This can lead to increased customer satisfaction as well as customer loyalty, since they will be better equipped to utilize the product efficiently in their day-to-day life.