About HiLo Media

Our Story

HiLo Media was formed as a collaboration between Chuck Heilig (Hi) and Joseph Nilo (Lo). They met while working at a video production house in Asheville, NC. They co-hosted one of the first video podcasts, the Mac Pro Podcast, a weekly show about macs and media.

After going freelance, the collaboration continued on projects for dlo and Philips. The idea arose to pursue the growing need for affordable web-delivered product videos, screencasts, tutorials, training and marketing materials.

A few years later and many projects under their belts, Nilo and Heilig continue to create exciting content for clients, now with the support of trusted additional video editors, videographers, and on-camera talent.

CHUCK HEILIG - Production Manager

Chuck Heilig hails from North Carolina and has been emersed in film and video his whole life. His pop owned the local camera shop growing up, which gave him the chance to shoot film and video at a very early age. Chuck is a graduate of NC State University.

In addition to Hilo Media, Chuck is an active HD videographer and travels all over the US to shoot. He has captured footage in four different countries. Before moving to San Francisco, Chuck spent three years in New York City working with a diverse clientele. He has a unique and broad production base and enjoys all aspects of the process.

Chuck lives with his family in San Francisco, CA.

JOSEPH NILO - Post-Production Manager

In addition to HiLo Media, Joseph Nilo is a television producer and post production specialist working professionally as an editor and colorist on content ranging from national broadcast HD to internet viral delivery. Joseph has had many years’ experience wearing many creative hats: editor, colorist, producer, director, writer, voiceover artist, composer.

He gained online notoriety as a pioneer in the podcasting community by producing and hosting the Mac Pro Podcast and Mac Mediacast, video podcasts covering Apple-related news and tech, along with various other audio programs. Check out his personal blog.

Joseph lives with his family in Asheville, NC.