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Software Tutorial Videos

Software Tutorial Videos

HiLo Media is the premiere software tutorial, screencast training video and animated explainer video production company.

We are here to create software tutorial and training videos to help make you a hero to your users (and cut down on those support requests).

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer Videos are all the rage right now. Companies use them to Increase Sales and Raise Brand Awareness.

They can be short cartoons, screencasts, and whiteboard videos also have the power to Educate Your Customers and Humanize Your Branding.

App Demo Videos

App Demo Videos

Combining traditional video production company skills with cutting edge image capture and 3D animation, we can create a compelling video to help market your app on social media and help sell your app in the App Store.

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The HiLo Media Experience

HiLo Media Experience

We are a creative video production and animation agency that has been helping a variety of large and small international clients for over ten years. We have created thousands of videos for very happy clients.

Our small, agile team has many years’ experience guiding new and experienced clients alike through the entire video production and animation process: Development, Scripting, Design, Editing, Post Production, and Delivery.

Don’t trust your marketing budget and your company brand to freelancers and agencies that lack the experience HiLo Media has. Do it right the first time with the HiLo Media team.


What Does Video Do For You?

Video is a more engaging medium than the written word. Plus it has the ability to go viral and reach more eyeballs than you’d ever imagined.

E-learning, Instructional, and Tutorial Videos can Reduce Support Costs and Increase Sales, in addition to educating your customers.

A great video will definitely raise brand awareness.

How Much Does It Cost?

One way to think of the cost of a video, or any creative project, is the analogy “How much does a house cost?”

Answer: it depends on a lot of factors, such as budget, overall complexity and quality of the finished project, etc. Due to the nature of many of our products, they are way more affordable than the high-dollar video production budgets of the past.

We generally start with the client’s budget in mind, then design the perfect project for them within that budget. Win-Win.

Our goal is not to take the clients’ money, it’s to create a video for them that will help their app marketing be wildly successful, so we have a client for life.

HiLo Media Video Production Process


Process may include: client onboarding and conversations about the video’s goals and design. Idea pitching / brainstorming. Collaborative scripting / storyboarding with client. Sourcing of design assets.

For Explainers, Software Tutorials, Screencasts: Software setup during scripting process, design and motion graphics brainstorming, screen capture setup and deployment.

For Live Video productions: Auditioning process for talent, location scouting, determination of equipment and crew needs.

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Process may include: HD or Ultra-HD Video Editing (FCPX, Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve), Voiceover artist direction and production, 2D and/or 3D animation (Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Blender), professional audio and video finishing.

Painless proofing and revisions process with client.

And After That?

After projects are approved / finalized and masters are delivered, we won’t disappear on you.

99% of our clients are return clients, meaning we move on to create more content for their company and we retain backups and project source materials so changes / revisions / updates in the future are super easy.

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