ecamm live Mac App Demo Video

We created this app demo video for our pals at ecamm for their excellent live-streaming Mac app, ecamm live. Utilizing some stock video and video provided from some popular YouTubers, plus some fun music and 3D animation, HiLo Media and the client were happy with the outcome. See all of our videos for ecamm here.

App Demo Video Production Workflow

It's a common misconception that Mac App Demo videos are simply recorded using the app itself. In reality, the process is far more complicated.

First, a wireframe is created to plan out the video.

Next, storyboard sketches are drawn up to illustrate how the video will flow.

Then, screen captures are created in the app. These screen captures are augmented in Adobe After Effects to make sure the app looks as perfect and pristine as possible. Plus, we can "fake" certain scenarios to help the app demo video story move along.

After that, animation and motion graphics are added to the scenes.

Finally, the voiceover and music are recorded and edited into the video.