HiLo Media Video Production FAQ

Answers about the Explainer Video, App Demo Video, and Software Tutorial Video Production Process

Why should I work with HiLo Media?

HiLo Media has been in business creating explainer videos, app demo videos, SaaS and software tutorial videos for over 15 years. Some would say we even were one of the first to create screencast tutorial videos in the early 2000s.


What types of videos does HiLo Media offer?

Well, pretty much anything. But we specialize in App Demo Videos for app marketing, Software Tutorial Videos to educate software and SaaS customers (here are some good examples), Explainer Videos to market your app or product. We incorporate 2D and 3D animation. We can create a product video from your CAD model. We’ve even created a ton of culinary video content over the years


So whether you need a video for Facebook Ads, YouTube, or even Broadcast, HiLo Media is the video production company for you.


How much does a video cost?

The cost of the video is determined by the scope: the amount of time and people involved. We pride ourselves in being able to design the perfect project for your budget. We regularly do work for both large corporations and small independent developers and startups.


Click here to see some projects with sample budgets


What’s the typical production process?

Once a project commences, generally we will begin by outlining and scripting. In addition to writing verbiage for the script, we can discuss things like look, music, demographic, etc. Once we have an approved script / storyboard, we’ll begin the production process of content creation (filming, screen capping, or animating) and soon after we’ll have a proof for you to see. Then we can address any revisions and suggestions. Once approved, we’ll deliver a master to your specifications.


How long does a video production take?

It depends on the scope of the project. Live-shot videos have more moving parts and scheduling involved, so plan on at least 4–6 weeks.


Screencast app promos and animated explainer videos tend to be a bit quicker to produce. Simpler screencast videos might take 2 weeks and an animated explainer video might take 4 weeks.


We can move quickly so simply let us know any deadlines we need to hit and we’ll do our best to achieve those goals!


How do feedback and revisions work?

Each project generally has a fixed amount of rounds of revisions baked into the cost and laid out in the project proposal. We’ll accommodate suggestions from your team and re-proof as necessary.


How long should my video be?

Based on common sense and marketing research, we recommend videos be as succinct as possible for whatever type of video we’re producing. Videos created to market a product should be :30 to 1 minute. Software Tutorial Video content can be a bit longer but we still recommend breaking it up into chunks to keep viewers interested.


What’s involved in getting started?

Well, get in touch first! We’ll schedule a call to determine your needs and get to know you better.


Where is HiLo Media located?

The principle founders are located in Asheville, NC (Joseph Nilo) and San Francisco, CA (Chuck Heilig). Plus we might work with freelance contractors located anywhere in the world.