Sample Budgets

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How much do typical video productions cost for our clients?

Here are some sample budgets for some of our favorite work in our portfolio:

Sample Budgets

Brag App 
Budget: $5000 US
This client wanted to shoot an app demo video of young people in various locations in California. That production would have cost $20,000+ so we mixed stock footage with UI shot over green screen composited into the stock footage for an effective and affordable video.

SanDisk Extreme 3D Promo Video
Budget: $15,000 US
We created this video out of a CAD asset model, which we animated and exploded to show off the internal components.

Circul+ Medical Product Video
Budget: $15,000 US
This medical video was a mix of live-shot footage, iOS app captured footage, and a 3D animation of the CAD model of the medical device.

Chrends / Screencast Video
Budget: $2000 US
Screencast-style app demo video with clean look and 3D animation

LaunchBar App Marketing Video
Budget: $5000 US
We created this iOS app demo video with a mix of screen captures and live-shot video.

iMazing / Screencast 3D Animation
Budget: $5000 US
This app demo video features a mix of screen captures and 3D animations of devices.

KitCam / Live-shot POV style video
Budget: $7500 US
This live action app demo video was shot POV-style at sites in New York City. It is one of our certified viral hits and shot the developer to #1 in the iOS App Store.

CCO Companion / Animated Explainer Video
Budget: $7500
Custom-animated explainer video with 2D hand-drawn look

South River Technologies Cornerstone / Live-shot Video
Budget: $10,000 US
Live-shot explainer video with actors in multiple locations.