How Much Does An App Demo Video Cost?

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One of the first questions we get with each client inquiry is "How much does app video production cost?"

One way to think of the cost of a video, or any creative project, is the analogy "How much does a house cost?"

Answer: it depends on a lot of factors, such as budget, overall complexity and quality of the finished project, etc.

Many independent developers (we work with a lot of them) are very concerned about the app video demo budget for their app marketing because budgets are so tight for startups. We usually ask: "What is your budget?" and start from there.

If they know their budget, and it's tight, we can design a project that fits what they want to spend. If it's really tight, then we can design a more collaborative project that offloads some of the work on the client's team to cut our costs.

Tasks like scripting/bulleting and creating screen captures of their app save our team time, and, ultimately budget. There are varying levels of complexity available to app developers to market their app with video.

The least expensive starting point is a simple screencast video, which can be very affordable, yet still very effective to get the word out about the app. A shorter App Store Preview video can be very affordable, as well.

Slightly higher in budget are videos with more moving parts, such as 3D animations and animated explainer videos. These require more time and more creative people, so, more budget.

Finally, lifestyle videos, client testimonials, or any other live video production requiring professional talent, locations, and a production crew, generally cost the most and take the most time.

Though there are great examples that are exceptions to the rule -- great live video demos on a tight budget. Our goal is not to take the clients' money, it's to create a video for them that will help their app marketing be wildly successful, so we have a client for life.

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