App Store Videos: A Comprehensive Guide to Optimization and Excellence

App store videos, often termed "app previews," have increasingly become pivotal in driving user acquisition and bolstering conversion rates.

As you browse through the Apple App Store or Google Play, you might notice these short, enticing video snippets showcasing an app's main features.

But what are the nuts and bolts behind creating such a compelling app store video?

Dive in to uncover.


The Significance of App Store Videos

When potential users stumble upon your app in the App Store, the first things that typically grab their attention are the app icon, screenshots, and app store videos.

These videos serve as a trailer, offering a sneak peek into what your app offers, essentially enticing users to download your app.

An impactful app store video can substantially elevate conversion rates.


Creating App Store Videos that Resonate

Crafting an exceptional app store preview video necessitates blending creativity with technical specifications.

These videos autoplay, often without sound, which underscores the importance of visually engaging content. Here are some tips:

  1. Duration Matters: Ensure your videos are concise, typically around 30 seconds, to succinctly convey your app's USP.

  2. Device-specific Resolutions: Cater to device-specific resolutions. For instance, an iOS device might demand different dimensions compared to a Google Play listing.

  3. Show, Don't Tell: With videos autoplaying without sound, emphasize visual demonstrations over audio messages.

  4. Capture Real Footage: Always use captured footage from your app. Avoid generic stock videos.

  5. Portrait vs. Landscape Orientation: Depending on the nature of your app, choose the orientation. Games often prefer landscape, while mobile apps lean towards portrait.


Best Practices for App Store Video Optimization

App store optimization (ASO) doesn't stop at keyword stuffing or curating stellar screenshots. Your app store videos require equal attention.

Implementing these best practices for App Store Optimization ensures your video isn't just good; it's outstanding:

  • Poster Frame Selection: This acts as a thumbnail when the video isn't playing. Ensure it's compelling enough to make users play the video.

  • Test Different Videos: Experiment with multiple video examples to ascertain which resonates most with your target audience.

  • Include Branding Early: Incorporate your brand logo within the first few seconds of the video.

  • Highlight Core Features: Showcase your app's primary features, ensuring users understand its value proposition instantly.

  • End with a CTA: Conclude your video by nudging viewers to take the desired action, be it downloading the app or exploring more.


Apple Search Ads and Their Role

Integrating Apple Search Ads into your marketing strategy can further accentuate the prominence of your app store videos.

By driving potential app store visitors to your product page, these ads amplify the chances of higher conversion rates.


Some App Store Preview Video Examples Created By HiLo Media


Prism iOS App Store Preview Video

We created this app video for the financial app Prism to help market their app in the app store. Using a mix of screenshots and motion graphics, we delivered an excellent app preview video that really showed off the features of Prism.

Banktivity for iPhone - iOS App Store Preview Video

We created this iOS App Store Preview Video for longtime client Banktivity.


FAQs on App Store Videos


How do you put videos on the App Store?

To upload videos to the App Store, navigate to App Store Connect, select your app, and under the 'Media' section, you can add app preview videos.

How long can App Store videos be?

App Store videos or app previews can be up to 30 seconds long.

What is the videos app on iPhone?

The Videos app on the iPhone is a native application to play movies, TV shows, and personal clips.

How do you make an App Store video preview?

Creating an App Store video preview involves recording genuine footage of your app in action, editing it to match the required technical guidelines, and highlighting the app's core features.

How do I make a video preview app?

Several mobile applications and software tools allow you to create and edit app preview videos, such as iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro.

What is an app preview?

An app preview is a short video that showcases the main features and functionalities of an app.

Is app Preview mandatory on App Store?

No, app previews are optional, but they are highly recommended to increase conversion rates.

What is the difference between app preview and screenshot?

While both offer visual insights into an app, an app preview is a short video, whereas a screenshot is a static image.

What is iOS app preview?

It's a short video displayed on the Apple App Store, showcasing an iOS app's functionality.

How do I preview a video in the App Store?

Simply click on the video thumbnail or poster frame to play the app preview video.

How many video previews can be uploaded in App Store Connect and Google Play?

Apple allows up to three app previews, while Google Play permits a single video.

How do I get preview video on App Store?

After creating your video following Apple's guidelines, upload it via App Store Connect.

How do you preview videos on iPhone?

In the App Store on your iOS device, tap on the video thumbnail to play the preview.

Is Preview App mandatory?

No, it's not mandatory to have an app preview, but it's beneficial for user acquisition.

How many video previews can be uploaded in App Store Connect and Google Play?

You can upload up to three app previews on Apple's App Store Connect and one on Google Play.

Is app Preview mandatory on App Store?

No, but having one can significantly impact conversion rates.

What is an App Store preview?

It's a brief video on an app's product page, showcasing the main features and user interface.

How do you preview videos on iPhone?

On the App Store, tap the video thumbnail to initiate playback.

Final Thoughts

In an era where app stores are inundated with countless apps, standing out is paramount. App store videos or app previews offer an unparalleled opportunity to not just showcase your app but to entice and persuade potential users. Invest time in understanding the intricacies of creating compelling app store videos, and you might just see your download metrics skyrocket.