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You’re probably here because nobody reads anymore.

I’m mostly kidding but you know what I mean. Web page text, PDF documents, and software manuals go mostly unread. Customers reach out with all kinds of support requests. Software tutorial videos solve all sorts of problems.

You’re in the right place.

HiLo Media is the premiere software tutorial, screencast training video and animated explainer video production company. We were one of the first video tutorial companies and after 15+ years, we are still going strong.

We are here to create instructional videos and training videos to help make you a hero to your users (and cut down on those support requests).

The HiLo Media team has:

• Produced thousands of instructional videos for varied clients in different industries.
• Used years of video editing experience to properly present tutorial information quickly, clearly, and affordably
• Helped clients cut down on support costs by creating video manuals, FAQs, and videos answering common support questions
• Established itself as one of the best video tutorial companies in the world!

The Benefits of Software Tutorial Videos:

Reduced Support Costs

  • Most support requests can be eliminated with a page of easy to understand tutorial videos.
  • Support call times can be reduced by referring a user to a specific video or page of videos

Increased Sales

  • Many buyers will confirm their decision to buy only after they’ve viewed your tutorial content and determined they understand your software.
  • Simple tutorial videos have marketing value and even good SEO to draw new customers.
  • Corporate buyers perceive software with solid tutorial content as superior since they know they’ll have fewer support issues. And good-quality (not made in-house) content ups the perceived value.

Check out some software tutorial video case studies in the wild:


Noise Industries: We have been developing engaging and exciting software tutorials for each product released for the FxFactory and FxFactory Pro visual effects software plugins, plus software marketing videos, plus pro how to videos about production and post-production.

HiLo Media co-founder Joseph Nilo has become such an expert on the products, he’s hosted live demos for the company at MacWorld in San Francisco and the NAB conference in Las Vegas. With 30K+ subscribers and millions of channel views, a lot of people have watched their tutorial videos.

See how Noise Industries uses HiLo Media Software Tutorials

Costar: Creating tutorials for the #1 Real Estate Software company is a tall order but we were ready for the challenge. Realtors from around the world use the Costar software to track over 5 million properties so communication with the users is a must. HiLo Media collaborates with the marketing team to create engaging training and how to videos efficiently, affordably, and quickly.

See how Costar uses HiLo Media Software Tutorials

ecamm: ecamm makes your Mac life better! With tools for recording audio and video of your conversations in Skype and FaceTime and for streaming live to Facebook and other live streaming sites, ecamm has been making amazing Mac software for years. HiLo Media has collaborated with these talented developers to create not just tutorial videos about their technical software products, but all of their marketing videos as well.

See how ecamm uses HiLo Media Software Tutorials

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