6 Benefits of Software Tutorial & Training Videos

Our software developer clients love their software tutorial and training video content. Whether you develop or market software for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or SaaS, good e-learning and training videos can help out in many ways. 

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Some benefits of creating software tutorial videos include:

Reduce Support Costs 

Support requests can be answered by simply pointing them to a page of self-help content. Many of our clients pick their top support requests / FAQ content and create instructional videos from those topics to help their users answer their own questions. 

Video Tutorials can help users solve problems on their own, which reduces the number of support tickets that need to be handled.

Additionally, a well-made video tutorial can help users avoid common mistakes, saving your team time and energy.

Increase Sales

Often potential customers will check out tutorial videos before they buy as a way to research features and workflow.  Creating helpful software tutorial videos can increase the likelihood of a sale, as potential customers can get a good feel for how your software works and if it's a good fit for their needs.

Additionally, existing customers may be more likely to upgrade if they know there is quality software training content to help them get up to speed on the new features.

Boost SEO 

Professional software tutorial video content on YouTube is a great way to drive traffic to your site. YouTube videos tend to be top search results on keywords, and a key-worded description with links will get you increased traffic. 

Additionally, you can create software tutorial videos to help keep visitors on your site longer, helping to boost your page rank.

Increase Perceived Value

Corporate buyers perceive software with solid tutorial content as superior since they know they'll have fewer support issues. Conversely-- long, boring in-house produced tutorial content is perceived as unprofessional and low-budget. Don't do it yourself if you don't have to, hire a professional to create tutorial videos to increase the perceived value of your brand.

Improved Product Quality

When users understand how software works, they’re able to use it more effectively and produce better results. This leads to happier customers and a better reputation for your software products.

Additionally, high-quality software tutorial videos show that you are invested in your product and that you care about your users.

Increased user understanding and adoption

People learn best by seeing and doing, and software tutorial videos let users watch and learn at their own pace. This is especially important for software that might have a high learning curve to use at first.

Additionally, software tutorial videos can be used as a way to onboard new users, show them how to use your software, and get them up to speed quickly.

When you consider the potential cost savings, increased sales, and improved product quality, software tutorial videos become a valuable investment for any software company.

By reducing support costs, increasing sales, boosting SEO, increasing perceived value, and improving product quality, software tutorial videos can help your business in many ways. So don’t wait any longer, start researching the best software tutorial video firm today!

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