TreatAnyone Animated Explainer Video

HiLo Media recently completed this 2D animated explainer video for San Francisco-based TreatAnyone. The video features a pleasing and calm flat, vector look that goes along well with the brand message about this mental health SaaS client. 

We also consider this video a successful healthcare SaaS marketing video.

How Do You Make An Explainer Video?

TreatAnyone did their research and picked HiLo Media as their explainer video company. We collaborated tightly during the production process with the client to create a visual look that fit in with their existing branding for their digital strategy.  

Coordinating a cartoonist / animator and a design team, we created a variety of characters and also adapted the TreatAnyone SaaS UI into cartoon elements, as well. The final custom explainer video brought everything together with pleasing music, subtle sound effects, and good pacing to tell the story of this SaaS product.

What Makes A Good Explainer Video?

The above workflow and all the moving parts coming together helped tell the client's story and create an effective marketing tool for their software. There are a lot of explainer video production companies out there, but not many with the nearly 20 years of experience as HiLo Media.

The best explainer videos tell the story of a product in an understandable and digestible manner. The best explainer video companies know how to put it all together into an effective animated video. Pairing your explainer video with good software tutorial videos is a great way to raise brand awareness.

Too many brand videos focus on flashy visuals while ignoring the message. This often results in a confusing mess that leaves viewers with more questions than answers. 

Some other factors to consider:

Good illustration style

A good animated explainer should be easy for an average viewer to understand. This is why a cartoon style works well for any target audience, as it often will not be an issue for a layperson.

Good Editing

The video should also flow from beginning to end with all elements being introduced within the first 10-15 seconds. It's important that the main message of the video be clear quickly so that it can hook viewers and draw them in. The video should explain complex ideas simply.

Good Music

A good animated explainer video needs to have a well-made and unique music bed that fits the tone of the video. The music should also flow along with the pacing of the video and not be overly repetitive.

Good Sound Effects

Finally, good sound effects make a subtle difference in an animated explainer video. The right sound effects can hammer in the message of the video or they can enhance it to create that 'AHA' moment at just the right time. 

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The TreatAnyone Animated Explainer Video is characterized as an Explainer Video.


What Is An Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a great way to introduce a new product or service to your audience. They are typically short, around 2-3 minutes long, and are perfect for introducing a new product or service to your audience.

Explainer videos can be used to promote a new product or service, but they can also be used to educate your audience on how a product or service works.

By using animation and motion graphics, explainer videos can help your audience understand even the most complex products or services.


The TreatAnyone Animated Explainer Video is a 2D Animated Explainer Video

What is an Animated 2D Explainer?

This is a very common style of an animated explainer video.

We animate 2D vector graphics and pair them with voiceover, music, and sound effects to create a cartoon-like presentation.

2D explainer videos help you communicate your message clearly and effectively.

Our video production and animation team will work with you to develop a video that is both visually appealing and on-brand.


What Are Some Other Types of Explainer Videos?

Some other types of explainer videos include Whiteboard Videos, Hand-Drawn Animation Explaner Videos, Screencast Explainer Videos, and Live Action Explainer Videos.


What is a Whiteboard Animation Video?

A whiteboard animation style video is similar to a 2D animated explainer video but includes a text style that looks like it’s written on a whiteboard or chalkboard.

This simple, yet effective visual style is perfect for explaining complex concepts or products in an easy-to-understand way.


What is a Hand-Drawn Animation Explainer Video?

Our hand-drawn animation style is unique and is designed by an artist to look like a traditional cartoon animation.

Our artists create each scene of animation, so you can be sure that your video will have that signature, cartoon look.

Plus, with over two decades of experience in video production and animation, we know how to make your message shine.


What Is a Screencast Explainer Video?

A Screencast Explainer Video is the perfect way to market your app.

Our team of video producers and animators will pair screencast captured footage of your application with 3D devices to create an engaging and informative explainer video.

This video can be used to market your app on social media, in blog posts, and on your website.


What is a Live Action Explainer Video?

At Hilo Media, we understand the importance of a good, classic, scripted video.

Using actors or models, and traditional video production techniques, we can create an explainer video that connects with your audience.

We'll help you capture your company's personality, and explain your product or service in a way that's fun, entertaining, and easy to understand.

We've had great success with our marketing and software development clients, and we're excited to help you create a video that will make a difference.


What Are Some of the Benefits of Explainer Videos?

Explainer Videos Will Humanize Your Brand

  • A lively video animation connects with potential customers
  • Viral Video can drive traffic to your website and your YouTube Animated Video has excellent SEO.
  • People connect with people. Putting a human face on your brand will make it more relatable and trustworthy.
  • Make your brand more relatable

An Explainer Video Will Increase Sales

  • Many buyers will try and learn more about your product or service only after they’ve viewed your animated content.
  • Simple tutorial videos have marketing value and even good SEO to draw new customers.
  • Corporate buyers perceive software with solid animated content as superior since good-quality (not made in-house) content ups the perceived value.

An Explainer Video Will Make a great first impression

  • Animated videos are a great way to grab attention and connect with customers on an emotional level.
  • 78% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.


How Much Does An Explainer Video Cost?

HiLo Media prides itself in the ability to design the perfect package for your budget and we are an explainer video maker company for everyone!

Whether you’re a startup with a tight budget or you are a marketing executive with high-quality expectations, our team can tighten up or scale up as needed. Our client list includes various small and large companies and corporations . . . all happy customers.

From simple, templated explainers to custom-animated cartoons, we’ve got a project that will work for your budget.


How Long Does An Explainer Video Production Take?

The main contribution to the time it takes to produce and finish an explainer video is the scope of the project. Shorter, simpler, screencast-style videos can be turned around in a couple of weeks. Larger animations and Live Action videos have more moving parts and more people involved so they might take 4-6 weeks to complete.

Another big factor is your involvement. Tight collaboration with the client means a quick setup process, quick turnaround, and an efficient revisions process.

Need a video super-fast? We will entertain the most reasonable deadlines and can work backward from there. Let us surprise you!


What Does the Explainer Video Production / Animation Process Look Like?

HiLo Media is an experienced explainer video maker company. We’ll start with a good conversation about what you’re looking for while setting a budget, goals, and deadlines.

Next, our scriptwriter will write your story and come up with a simple script and storyboard for your approval. This is a good time to brainstorm and revise, as the script is the blueprint for the project moving forward.

Once a script is signed off on, an explainer video producer will begin the post-production process– whatever that might entail for your project: Screen captures, 2D and/or 3D animation, visual effects, HD or UHD editing, voiceover production, sourcing of stock music, etc.

Generally, we’ll do two rounds of revisions for free in any package and this is useful and ample for 99% of clients.

Finally, we’ll deliver your master digitally so you can let it out into the world and let it do some work for you!


A Unique Explainer Video Production Company

As an explainer animation agency and an established film and video production company, HiLo Media is an industry leader that has been creating thousands of videos for happy clients all over the world for over ten years.

Our creative team creates amazing work in a fast, affordable fashion, and has combined many years in the production business. This makes us one of the most effective explainer video production companies around.

We create videos in a variety of styles, making them highly branded and targeted. We can create a message in your voice, adhering to your branding identity and the needs of your audience.


What is an Explainer Video Studio?

An explainer video studio is a company that specializes in creating explainer videos. These studios typically have a team of animators, writers, and voice actors who work together to create videos that explain complex concepts in an engaging and easy-to-understand way.

Explainer videos are often used by businesses to explain their products or services, and they can be extremely effective marketing tools.

Because explainer videos are so versatile, many explainer video companies offer a variety of services, including storyboarding, animation, and even video production.

If you're looking for an explainer video company to help promote your business, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, it's important to find a studio that has experience creating explainer videos. This will ensure that your video is high-quality and engaging.

Second, you'll want to find a company that offers a variety of services, so you can get the most out of your explainer video.

Finally, be sure to ask about pricing upfront so you know what to expect.


Some of the Industries We’ve Created Successful Explainer Video Content for:

iOS, Mac, Windows, Android Apps | Real Estate | Retail | Health and Wellness | Fashion | Education | Insurance | Medical Device | Healthcare Video