TreatAnyone Animated Explainer Video

HiLo Media recently completed this 2D animated explainer video for San Francisco-based TreatAnyone. The video features a pleasing and calm flat, vector look that goes along well with the brand message about this mental health SaaS client. 

We also consider this video a successful healthcare SaaS marketing video.

How Do You Make An Explainer Video?

TreatAnyone did their research and picked HiLo Media as their explainer video company. We collaborated tightly during the production process with the client to create a visual look that fit in with their existing branding for their digital strategy.  

Coordinating a cartoonist / animator and a design team, we created a variety of characters and also adapted the TreatAnyone SaaS UI into cartoon elements, as well. The final custom explainer video brought everything together with pleasing music, subtle sound effects, and good pacing to tell the story of this SaaS product.

What Makes A Good Explainer Video?

The above workflow and all the moving parts coming together helped tell the client's story and create an effective marketing tool for their software. There are a lot of explainer video production companies out there, but not many with the nearly 20 years of experience as HiLo Media.

The best explainer videos tell the story of a product in an understandable and digestible manner. The best explainer video companies know how to put it all together into an effective animated video.

Too many brand videos focus on flashy visuals while ignoring the message. This often results in a confusing mess that leaves viewers with more questions than answers. 

Some other factors to consider:

Good illustration style

A good animated explainer should be easy for an average viewer to understand. This is why a cartoon style works well for any target audience, as it often will not be an issue for a layperson.

Good Editing

The video should also flow from beginning to end with all elements being introduced within the first 10-15 seconds. It's important that the main message of the video be clear quickly so that it can hook viewers and draw them in. The video should explain complex ideas simply.

Good Music

A good animated explainer video needs to have a well-made and unique music bed that fits the tone of the video. The music should also flow along with the pacing of the video and not be overly repetitive.

Good Sound Effects

Finally, good sound effects make a subtle difference in an animated explainer video. The right sound effects can hammer in the message of the video or they can enhance it to create that 'AHA' moment at just the right time. 

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