Bucketnote Social Media Marketing Video - Portfolio Retrospective

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In the coming weeks ending the year, we'd like to do a "Portfolio Retrospective" where we feature some of our favorite projects from over the past 15 years (!) of creating video content.

The Back Story:  Returning client Bucketnote wanted to create a touching app marketing video outlining their service of delivering personalized messages to loved ones after you've passed. The first video we created was more tongue-in-cheek and irreverent, and the charge of this project was to pull on the heart strings of the viewer.

The Workflow: The first challenge was finding the perfect cast. Our choice for the grandfather character was Jon Menick, who has appeared in another of our videos. He is an extremely talented and versatile actor. Incidentally we loved him in a famous series of national commercials from our childhood. Next, we had our friend Sue Fair cast adolescent actors from her theatre class as IC Imagine Charter School.

Additionally, we shot on location at the school with some other students and Sue as extras. On a technical note, we shot this video with DP Daniel Judson on an Arri Alexa Mini camera to ensure a superior broadcast-quality picture. It was shot with a small crew in two locations.

The Result: The client was very happy with the end product. It's possible tears were shed at the sweet message of the video. We were able to deliver a high-quality ad for broadcast and social media on a conservative budget for the startup.

*** Learn more about our App Demo Video process, pricing, and benefits. And stay tuned to this Portfolio Retrospective series in the coming weeks to see more great examples from our past! And see why HiLo Media is a Top 30 Video Production Company on Designrush.