KitCam iOS App Demo Video - Portfolio Retrospective

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In the coming weeks ending the year, we'd like to do a "Portfolio Retrospective" where we feature some of our favorite projects from over the past 15 years (!) of creating video content.

The Back Story: We'd created some iOS app demo videos for Kitcam in the past. They approached us to create something dynamic for them that would include live video. We opted to shoot a POV-style video around the streets of NYC.

The Workflow: HiLo Media videographer devised a one-man POV-style rig with a DSLR camera to shoot the iPhone shooting photos (how meta). We edited everything together with fun music.

The Result: A fun video, well-optimized for the app store,  that shows off the main selling points of this great iOS app. Plus this video was a verified viral video hit and shot Kitcam up the iOS app store charts.

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And stay tuned to this Portfolio Retrospective series in the coming weeks to see more great examples from our past!