Why an Explainer Video is Important for your Product

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Show off your brand

You might have spent a lot of time, money, and thought on how your brand is portrayed and how your customers should see you. Great video content will nail home the look, feel, and personality of your brand. A skilled video producer takes your brand guidelines and runs with them to create the perfect content to introduce your brand to the world.


It's a known fact that Google likes good content. Google also likes to promote YouTube videos to the top of the heap in search results. Having a compelling, keyword-rich video on YouTube is a great use for Explainer video content.

To "Explain" Better than Text

Nobody really reads anymore. Do you? Would you rather read a lengthy post on a subject (like you are now) or watch an engaging video that explains a subject better? Which leads to . . .

Humanize Your Pitch

You really want a connection with your audience of potential customers. This is infinitely more effective than dry marketing verbiage on a web page. A great explainer video will move people to take action more than any other type of content.

Grab Attention

You are vying for customers' attention in a field of millions of distractions. A great explainer video will grab their attention and keep it longer than your compitors.

Social Media

The holy grail of marketing is a viral hit. Your video will be shared exponentially more than your website. Plus YouTube and other video sites make it easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Create a great explainer video and get the chain reaction going!
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