HiLo Media and COVID-19

Greetings from HiLo Media - we hope this blog post finds you & yours healthy and safe. Chuck and I have been laying low and focusing on our families during this pandemic for the past couple of months. Now that we feel we've achieved a "new normal" we are reaching out to clients and taking on new projects for the spring and summer. We feel our services of tutorials, animations, screencasts, and marketing videos are more important than ever, since shooting traditional video content with a crew is difficult now. Plus, these types of videos remain more affordable than large-scale video productions. We know marketing budgets are affected due to all the uncertainties in the  right now. Additionally, consider HiLo Media to help polish any "home-made" corporate messaging you might be releasing now. We can apply professional editing, color-correction, and audio cleanup of Zoom, FaceTime, and Skype calls, as well as home-recorded video footage. Reach out and let's make some video content. And stay safe out there. Best Regards, Joseph & Chuck