Launchbar 6 Mac App Demo Video - Portfolio Retrospective

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In the coming weeks ending the year, we'd like to do a "Portfolio Retrospective" where we feature some of our favorite projects from over the past 15 years (!) of creating video content.

The Back Story: Our long time relationship creating short daily App Demo videos for MacUpdate introduced us to a lot of great Mac developers. One of those was Objective Development, creators of the Mac app Launchbar.

The Workflow: This video is a clever mix of on-camera talent and screen captures of Launchbar in action. All UI is captured and then composited on the MacBook in the shot, with additional cutaways created on a 3D model of a MacBook. The benefits of this workflow resulted in:

  • A realistic mix of the two different types of footage
  • The ability to create camera moves that are difficult to recreate smoothly in real life
  • Perfectly crisp, high-quality screens when a camera might have created lesser-quality results
  • Great storytelling!

The Result: A fun video, optimized for the app store,  that shows off the main selling points of this great Mac App.

Learn more about our App Demo Video process, pricing, and benefits. Learn about App Store Preview Videos. And stay tuned to this Portfolio Retrospective series in the coming weeks to see more great examples from our past!      

See the App Demo Video Below: