Why Every Software Company Should Have a Library of Tutorial Videos

If you’re a software company and you’re not already convinced of the value of training videos and tutorial videos, we hope to change your mind by the end of this post.

We’re talking about a video library of high quality video tutorials that is specifically designed to teach users how to use your software.

These training videos can range from short, focused videos that cover a specific feature or task, to longer, more comprehensive videos that give an overview of the entire software.

But why should every software company have a library of training videos?

Let’s dive into the top five reasons.

Reason 1: Tutorial Videos Are an Effective way to Onboard New Users.

When a new user starts using your software, they might feel a little overwhelmed at first. There’s a lot to learn, and it can be intimidating to try and figure everything out on their own. This is where a training video comes in. By providing clear, concise, and visually appealing video tutorials, you can help new users get up to speed faster and more efficiently.

Not only do instructional videos make it easier for new users to learn how to use your software, they also help reduce the number of support tickets and questions you have to deal with.

When users can find the answers they need in a tutorial video, they’re less likely to reach out to your support team for help. This frees up your support staff to focus on more complex issues, and it helps reduce the workload for your entire company.

Reason 2: Tutorial Videos Improve User Retention.

In the world of software, user retention is key. If users don’t stick around and continue using your software, your business is in trouble. One way to improve user retention is to provide a great onboarding experience, and a video tutorial can play a big role in this.

When users feel confident and capable with your software, they’re more likely to continue using it.

But it’s not just about onboarding – training videos can also help users continue learning and improving their skills over time.

By offering a library of training videos that cover different features and use cases, you can help users get more value out of your software and keep them coming back for more.

Reason 3: Tutorial Videos Can Drive User Engagement.

In today’s world, everyone is bombarded with marketing messages and content. It can be hard to stand out and get users to engage with your brand. One way to cut through the noise and engage users is through a training video.

When done well and produced by a video editor or video production agency who knows how to create engaging video tutorials, they can be an effective way to capture users' attention and get them interested in your software.

Video tutorials and how to videos can be an especially effective marketing tool when they’re entertaining and informative.

By adding a touch of humor or personality to your video tutorials, you can make them more engaging and memorable for users. This can help create a sense of connection with your brand and encourage users to engage with your software.

Reason 4: Engaging Video Tutorials can Increase Customer Satisfaction.

At the end of the day, customer satisfaction is what really matters. If your users are happy with your software, they’re more likely to continue using it and recommend it to others. Tutorial video content can help increase customer satisfaction in a few different ways.

First, as we mentioned earlier, video tutorials can help reduce the number of support tickets and questions you have to deal with. When users can find the answers they need on their own, they’re more likely to be satisfied with their experience.

Second, video tutorials can help users get more value out of your software. When users feel like they’re getting their money

By offering a library of video tutorials that cover different features and use cases, you can help users get the most out of your software and feel like they’re getting their money’s worth.

Reason 5: Video Tutorials are a Great Way to Showcase Your Software.

Finally, video tutorials are a great way to showcase your software and its capabilities. By creating a library of video tutorials, you can give users a taste of what your software can do and show them how it can solve their problems.

This can be especially effective when you’re trying to attract new users or convince potential customers to give your software a try.


Video Tutorial Production Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Software Training Videos Important?

Software training videos are important because they provide an effective and efficient way to learn the basics of a software program. They can be used as a reference when learning the more complicated aspects of a program or they can be used to reinforce existing skills. Software training videos offer an interactive way to learn, allowing users to pause and rewind difficult sections as needed, instead of having to wait for an instructor or book.

By providing step-by-step instructions and visuals, software training videos allow users to quickly become proficient in using the program.

What Makes a Good Software Tutorial Video?

A good software tutorial video should be clear and concise so that viewers can easily follow along with the instructions. It should use up-to-date information about the latest version of the software being discussed and provide visuals that clearly illustrate key concepts. The video should also have detailed narration so viewers understand what is happening onscreen at all times. Finally, it’s important that the video maintain a consistent pace throughout its length so viewers don’t get lost or confused while watching.

What Kind of Firm Makes Software Tutorial Videos?

Video Production firms that specialize in creating software tutorial videos typically have expertise in both instructional design and multimedia production.

They will have experience in recording audio, making screen recordings, editing video footage, creating animations and graphics, illustrating user interfaces, and other aspects of multimedia production.

They will also know how to create effective tutorials that are engaging and easy to follow.

Should I Make My Own Software Tutorial Videos?

Whether or not you should make your own videos depends on many factors. If you already have considerable knowledge and experience in the area, then it may be a viable option.

However, if you are not familiar with the basics of video production, then it is best to hire a professional firm that can create custom-made tutorials for you according to your requirements.

Where Should I Put My Training Videos?

Start with an SEO-optimized software tutorial library page on your website. The videos can be hosted on YouTube (recommended for SEO), or on another video content hosting platform like Vimeo or Wistia.

Keep in mind that tutorial videos can serve as marketing videos as well, so put them out there on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok if it's appropriate for your brand.

How Is a Software Instructional Video Made?

HiLo Media has been creating videos for software developers for 15+ years.

First, we create a script in collaboration with the developer and map out the content into bite-sized videos that are easy for the user to watch.

The production process includes video tutorial software that helps make instructional videos (usually a screen capture video app). Then we edit the video tutorials in a professional tool like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. We pair the visuals with animations, royalty free music, and a professional voiceover to make sure the content is perfect for your customers.

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