Types of Explainer Videos: Finding the Perfect Match for Your Business

Diving deep into the world of video marketing, you'll come across a dynamic tool - explainer videos.

They're not just videos; they're your brand's storyteller, illustrating what your product or service does in an engaging manner.

But not all explainer videos are created equal.

There's a vast array of styles and types, each with its unique flair.

So, which type of explainer video is the best fit for your business?

Let's delve into it.


2D Animated Explainer Videos

Whenever someone mentions "explainer video," often, the first image that pops up is that of a 2D animated video.

These are not just ordinary videos; they use flat, vector-style 2D animation motion graphics, blended seamlessly with compelling voiceovers, resonating music, and sound effects.

The result? A cartoon-like presentation that can swing from being fun and quirky to clean and corporate.

Keep in mind, while they're quite popular, the animated explainer video needs to align with your brand's voice.

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Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

Taking a slight detour from the animated realm, we have whiteboard animations.

At its core, a whiteboard animation video showcases text and images as if they're being hand-drawn on a whiteboard in real-time, but they are created with motion graphics.

This style offers a hand-drawn touch to your message.

It simplifies complex products or services, making them digestible and engaging for the target audience.

If you want to explain a complicated concept, whiteboard animation explainer videos may be your go-to choice.

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Hand-Drawn Animation Explainer Videos

As the name suggests, these are meticulously crafted by artists to resemble traditional cartoon animations.

Each frame is hand-drawn, offering a unique style and human touch to the video.

This type of video is especially potent for abstract or intricate ideas.

They bring a warm, personal touch to the screen, bridging the gap between businesses and their audience.

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Screencast Explainer Videos

Are you looking to market an app or a software product?

Enter, screencast explainer videos. These videos capture the actual interface and functionality of your application.

HiLo Media, for instance, pioneered this screencast video style, marrying screencast footage with 3D device shots, motion graphics, and kinetic typography to produce an engaging narrative.

Once produced, these videos can boost your marketing efforts on social media, amplify blog posts, and enhance user engagement on your website.

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Live Action Explainer Videos

Last but definitely not least, we have the timeless live action explainer video.

These videos are a blend of script, actors, and top-notch video production techniques. Live action explainer videos bring a tangible, real-world connection, allowing businesses to create a genuine bond with their audience.

By capturing your company's ethos, they elucidate your products and services in a captivating manner.

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Niche Types of Explainer Videos

You might run into further terminology to describe different types of explainer videos.

The term "Motion Graphics Explainer Video" likely would fall in the 2D animation category above.

3D Animation videos move into the third dimension and include 3D animated models and sets.

And 2.5D Animation describes the use of still images (2D) but adding a 3D animation feel to them by moving aspects of them in 3D space.

A Typography Explainer Video uses only text to tell the story of the product or service.

Character Animation explainer videos likely fall into the 2D animated explainer videos category, as well.

Stop Motion Explainer Videos are a very niche service that combines animated real-world items shot in a photo sequence and animated.


Types of Explainer Videos FAQs


What are explainer videos called?

Explainer videos are often referred to simply as 'explainers'. They are short videos that elucidate a company's products or services in a succinct, engaging manner.


What are the best explainer videos?

The best explainer videos are those that effectively communicate a company's message while engaging and resonating with the target audience. Their quality, content, and style should align perfectly with the brand's identity.


What is the best explainer video style for your business?

The ideal style depends on the business, its audience, and its message. Different types of explainer videos may suit different businesses. For instance, tech companies might opt for screencast videos, while a creative brand might choose hand-drawn animation. It's essential to assess your brand's ethos and audience preferences when selecting a style.


Still on the fence about which style works best for your needs? HiLo Media can guide you. Taking into account your branding, target audience, and budget, we can tailor the ideal explainer video for your company.