How To Choose a Software Tutorial Video Firm

So you've decided not to create your video tutorials in-house (good idea!).

You're aware of all of the benefits of having software tutorial videos.

Now you're looking to find a professional video production company to create video tutorials for you (great idea!).

Let's lay out some things you need to look for when choosing an agency for creating tutorial videos.

Good Demo Reel

This is a no-brainer. You can see from a good demo reel the quality of an agency's video tutorial examples. This first step will separate an inexperienced freelancer from a quality video production company. Look for a good variety of how to videos, instruction software tutorial videos, and fancy video editing skills in different genres.

Check out some of our favorite software tutorial videos.

Building on good examples from their demo reel . . .

What Makes a Great Video Tutorial?

Software Tutorial Video Editor

High production value. Crisp, high-quality screen captures. Effective video editing. Good royalty free music that moves the story along. Compelling graphics like animated backgrounds, 2D and 3D animations. Essentially all of the good qualities expected from a professional video editor.

Client List

Corporate Software Tutorial Video Production

While having a flashy client list for tutorial and training videos is nice, you're not necessarily looking for huge, corporate clients. Seek out a firm that's got a good variety of both independent developers and larger clients, as well. This shows the ability to navigate both small and large budgets and the talent to create instructional videos for both the demands of a startup and/or a corporate software marketing team. Creating enterprise videos is not for the inexperienced or faint of heart, but scrappy startups need video tutorials, as well, and can have their own demands.

Software Tutorial Client Testimonials

What do the clients have to say about an agency's software tutorial and instructional video quality, workflow, and production experience? Look for glowing recommendations from software developers and marketing agencies to see what you might be getting into with a video production company.

Repeat Software Tutorial Video Clients

A happy client with effective tutorial videos will return again and again to get more videos produced. Does the agency show the ability to create tutorial videos over and over again for repeat clients? This is generally a good sign.

Time in Business

An established software tutorial video agency that's been in business for a while shows experience and the ability to create great videos for clients. Creating tutorial videos also might only be a small part of the videos they produce.

Software Tutorial Workflow Explanation

Software Tutorial Video Workflow

How does the agency create a video tutorial? What kinds of video tutorial software or video editing software do they use? How do they create screen captures or otherwise capture video? How do they edit videos? How long does a software tutorial video take to make? A good agency should explain their video creation workflow so you know what you're getting into.

Final Thoughts

So those were some good guidelines for choosing a software tutorial video production company. Hire a pro! Contact HiLo Media today to discuss your software tutorial and instructional video needs.