Whole Foods Market: 60+ Videos and Counting

HiLo Media has created a lot of online content for Whole Foods Market. We are particularly proud of the content for a couple of reasons:

1. We created high-quality HD videos for a national-level client and

2. We agree with the core values portrayed in the content, espousing the benefits of buying local food and supporting local vendors.

As of the writing of this page, we have created over 60 individual video vignettes for two of the Whole Foods Market regions. And we'd like to share a few of those videos.

It all started with a video for the Whole Foods Rocky Mountains region for the "Make it Local" campaign, featuring some of their local vendors and Top Chef Season Five Winner Hosea Rosenberg:

{% video https://youtu.be/Fq7tARiPouM "medium" %} 

This led to another Make it Local series for the Whole Foods Midwest region. This series featured HD video vignettes on various vendors in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois.

Star Valley Flowers is one of our favorites: {% video https://vimeo.com/9475613 "medium" %}  See the whole series here.

Next, back to Colorado to do a series about the local vendors around Boulder. One of our favorites is Udi's Bread:  {% video https://vimeo.com/17375550 "medium" %} See all of those videos here.

Back to the Midwest!

The HiLo Team traveled to Chicago to shoot cooking videos featuring holiday recipes starring local chef Mindy Segal. This video showing how to make Potato Latkes was particularly yummy: {% video https://www.vimeo.com/15609687 %}

See all of the delicious videos here.