Turn CAD Models into 3D-Animated Product Videos

HiLo Media recently collaborated with marketing firm Apogii on a 3D-Animated Demo Video for the SanDisk Extreme Pro portable SSD drive. You can see the finished video below. Initially the challenge was to create "something" out of "nothing", in this case, not nothing, but a CAD model of the product used for production. After some creative brainstorming, the following workflow appeared:

  • Collaborate with a CAD engineer to properly set up and texture the 3D model
  • Storyboard a concept with Apogii and SanDisk to come up with a look and feel for the video
  • Light, Animate, and render 3D scenes
  • Finish the project with exciting music and supporting text

In the end, the finished video was an exciting product overview that showed off the small size of the hard drive and all the main features and specifications. Something out of Nothing indeed!