Videon iOS App Demo Video

HiLo Media collaborated with Asheville, NC videographer Daniel Judson (and his son, who starred in the video) for this iOS app demo video for Videon for iPhone by Lucky Clan.

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This live action app demo video proved very successful for the developer. We think app demo videos are a vital part of your app marketing strategy.

What is the Live Action App Demo Video Production Process Like?

The live action app demo video production process is a collaborative effort between the client, the video production company, and the animators. The client provides the script and storyboard, and the video production company produces the video. The animators create the animations based on the storyboard.

This live video was produced on a tight budget, perfect for marketing an app for a startup. The crew was small (Director, DP, and talent), and we shot the video on location in Asheville, NC.