WebDrive iOS Screencast Promo Video

HiLo Media created this promotional screencast video for the iOS app WebDrive. 

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What is an iOS Screencast Promo Video?

An iOS Screencast Promo Video is a short video that showcases the features and capabilities of an iOS app. It can be used to promote the app to potential users or to show off the app's capabilities to existing users.

Why Should an App Developer Have a Promo Video?

An app developer should have a promo video because it is an effective way to communicate the value of an app to potential users. A well-made promo video can help persuade people to download an app, and it can also help boost an app's ranking in app stores.

Is an App Promo Video a Good Way To Market an App?

Of course!

Some benefits of using a promo video to market an app include:

1. Increased brand awareness: A well-made promo video can help increase awareness of your app and its features among potential users.

2. Greater engagement: Videos are more engaging than text or images, so they can help encourage users to learn more about your app and even download it.

3. Greater ROI: In most cases, videos are more cost effective than other forms of advertising, such as print ads or TV commercials.