YouTube Copyright Claim

If you get a Copyright Claim from YouTube on a video produced for you by HiLo Media, there is an easy fix.

Don't Panic

Neither you or HiLo Media has done anything wrong. We only use properly-licensed stock music. 

Why Did this Happen?

Stock Music sites search YouTube videos for their tracks as a way to combat piracy. While this process is kind of a pain, as creative people we understand

You simply cannot monetize the video on YouTube while the Copyright Claim is active. No one is going to jail.

How Do I Fix This?

HiLo Media likely supplied you with a music license document. If not, request it from your contact there.

• On YouTube, go to the Copyright Claim. 
• Under the Drop-Down Menu, choose "Dispute". 
• On the next page at the bottom, check "My Dispute isn't based on any of the reasons above" and click Continue.
• On the next page, check "License" and then Continue.
• On the next page check "I have permission to use the content from the copyright owner" and then Continue
• One the next page paste the text from the license in the text field, check all of the boxes below this, and then sign your name. 
• Click Submit and you're good to go.