Top App Marketing Agencies for 2022

If you're looking for the best app marketing agencies for your digital marketing needs, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the top firms in the industry and what makes them stand out from the competition. We'll also provide tips on how to choose the right agency for your needs. So without further ado, let's get started!

Creating app demo videos, explainer videos, and software tutorial videos at HiLo Media for app developers is just a small part of your entire app marketing strategy. Check out these app marketing agencies to learn more about their app marketing services.

We'll get to the top mobile app marketing agencies in a minute, but first, a few questions related to app marketing as a part of the app development process:

Why should I hire a mobile app marketing agency?

At any given time, there are somewhere close to 37739 applications available on Google Play alone. When creating an app, it's critical to start with the end in mind. What you want to accomplish must come first. To make required adjustments in its operations and strategy, the company's growth plan must be well-planned.

Someone needs to create a mobile app marketing strategy for you! As previously said, it's a good time to hire app marketing companies once your application is in the early stages of development. Clients may collaborate to build a marketing campaign for their apps this way. How would you go about collaborating on putting these ideas into action?

What is an app marketing agency?

An mobile marketing agency creates appropriate marketing tactics that enable them to attract the right people. This firm, through its unique creative marketing efforts, helps businesses navigate this rapidly growing, competitive, and ever expanding market by filtering out noise and converting targeted users and potential customers into consumers.

I believe that app store optimization should start simultaneously with app development, rather than after, to ensure that the user understands every aspect of an app. According to Statista, around one-third of global smartphone users spend 88% of their mobile time using applications.

How much does mobile app marketing cost?

The majority of apps spend around a quarter of the overall budget on marketing. If not considerably more.

It may be necessary to compute the exact expenses of app marketing depending on a variety of factors, and you'll almost certainly have to adjust your budget for each day in many situations.

In general, it would be worth approximately $25k or $50k for an app marketing campaign from an agency. App Marketing companies also offer project-based pricing and an hourly rate.

How do I choose the best mobile app marketing companies?

Finding the best app marketing agency may be more difficult than creating your own application. There are several alternatives for discovering the ideal match for your business.

Examine the firm's website to get a good understanding of its services, prices, and past client work. Then you must assess whether or not an app marketing agency is suitable for you if an organization appears promising.

I don't think location should be a part of your decision for mobile app marketing services, but you might consider UK-based mobile app marketing companies if you are located in London United Kingdom, or USA-Based mobile app marketing agencies if you're located in New York City or San Francisco.

Our Methodology for Evaluating Application Marketing Companies

We have performed a comprehensive multifactor analysis amongst the top app marketing agencies to ensure a better choice for all app developers.

We evaluated their innovative concepts and technology they utilize in collaboration. Finding a trustworthy mobile app marketing agency can be more tricky than it seems. Mobile marketing agencies try to maintain appearance, so using a multivariable analysis to find the right digital marketing agency should be done.

App Marketing Company Ranking Points:

  • Size of the app marketing agency
  • Cost-effectiveness of their marketing services
  • Total number of apps marketed in the app store
  • Size of the company’s app developer clientele
  • Variety of development company and mobile app industries worked with
  • Feedback generated by mobile app development client reviews
  • Company turnover
  • The annual business growth rate
  • Number of apps marketing in the app store


Top App Marketing Agencies for 2022


WakeApp Mobile App Marketing Agency

WakeApp is a mobile app marketing agency that helps businesses and entrepreneurs connect with new consumers. WakeApp has worked with some of the most popular advertising platforms and game publishers, assisting them in generating a large number of leads. They also use their anti-fraud solutions to guard their clients from fraud and low-quality traffic.

Over the years, this worldwide app marketing agency has delivered over 1 million leads and acquired over 500 million registrations every year. Furthermore, WakeApp has helped its clients achieve their traffic goals in more than 70 countries while earning a return on investment (ROI) of up to 100 percent.

Mayple - Mobile App Marketing Agency

Mayple is a well-known and highly regarded digital marketing firm that provides premium and adaptable digital marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses at reasonable rates. The A+ staff is dedicated to delivering effective marketing results by developing custom tactics suited to each company's needs. They've also created an innovative real-time dashboard giving clients complete control over app marketing campaigns and app marketing budgets.

Moburst - Mobile App Marketing Agency

Moburst is a worldwide mobile app advertising firm that assists top-notch firms and prominent brands in pursuing their goals in the mobile world. One of Moburst's main areas of expertise is to help businesses overcome their biggest obstacles using cutting-edge mobile marketing initiatives that are not only innovative, but also cost-effective.

The company's unique approach guarantees clients stand out in the competitive market by optimizing organic discoverability and retention of their most valuable customers.

Dot Com Infoway - Mobile App Marketing Agency

Infoway has established a reputation for providing clients with the best app development prospects through its valuable marketing services. App advertising solutions from the business include app promotion packages that are very cost-effective.

The app promotion firm focuses on pre-app marketing methods to build the demand for an app to be introduced in the market. It gives an app the exposure and popularity it needs before it enters the market.

SEM Nexus - Mobile App Marketing Agency

SEM Nexus is a startup marketing company that specializes in finding the most appropriate channels for promoting new businesses. They devote particular attention to organic marketing, social media marketing, and mobile application marketing to help clients develop market momentum and reach their target audiences with successful tactics.

SEM Nexus has shown that it is possible to improve your ranking through a fresh and innovative technique. They also offer ASO, Google Adwords, and viral video marketing services.

Perform[cb] - Mobile App Marketing Agency

Perform[cb] is one of the world's best app marketing firms, offering high-performance marketing initiatives for strong, consistent, and scalable traffic. For four years in a row, mThink has voted Perform[cb] the #1 CPA network worldwide on the basis of innovation, collaboration, and outcomes.

They are different from other firms since they provide a range of services that you may customize to fit your company's needs. Performance is connected with all mobile measurement partners (MMPs) such as AppsFlyer, Branch, and others, providing real-time reporting, fraud protection, and other optimization solutions throughout the entire marketing journey.

PreApps - Mobile App Marketing Agency

PreApps is one of the most successful app advertising businesses, having assisted over 3,250 apps to date accumulate more than 550 million downloads. The firm helps software developers launch and market their products in order to reach millions of downloads and sales.

PreApps can aid you in obtaining solid traction that may lead to exponential growth for your app. You have the option of speaking with an app growth counselor right now and receiving a free complimentary development plan to help you reach your app marketing objectives.

Page Traffic - Mobile App Marketing Agency

PageTraffic is one of the top digital search engine marketing firms, with offices in Chicago, London, and Mumbai. The app marketing business has extensive expertise in developing multi-channel marketing strategies to help its clients grow on digital platforms. PageTraffic was founded in 2002 and has consistently received praise from its clients for its high quality of service and results

They have helped over 9,600 customers from 36 different countries. Small businesses, startups, corporations, and big brands are among their client lists. Raymonds, OLX, HCL, TATA, Ansal University, Booyah Chicago, Classic Country Land are just a few of the notable clients on the list.

Digital Infoways - Mobile App Marketing Agency

Digital Infoways is one of the most successful app marketing firms, having launched in 2015. Over 25 experts from this app marketing firm have assisted small and large businesses in developing their virtual reputation since inception.

ASO, SEO, Email Marketing, PPC marketing, and other digital marketing expertise are among Infoways' specialties. It has helped more than 500 renowned clients successfully with their digital marketing needs. You get a team that provides you transparent communication, 24x7 availability, and regular status updates on your projects by choosing this one of the best app marketing agencies in the world.

Simply put, you get high-quality app marketing services within a reasonable budget.


So those were some top mobile app marketing agencies. Think your firm should be added to the list? Contact us today to be considered.